March 30, 2023

When a Tesla that caught fire in California

When a Tesla caught fire in California and kept going back up in flames, firefighters in California had their work cut out for them.

A Facebook post from the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District said that after an accident, the Tesla had been sitting in a wrecking yard for three weeks waiting to be taken apart.

“When we got there, the car was completely on fire, and it took a lot of time, water, and thinking outside the box to put it out,” the post said.

When firefighters got to the scene this month, they tried to put out the fire several times, but the car kept catching fire again.

The Tesla was turned on its side so that workers could get to the place where the batteries are kept. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that Teslas’ lithium-ion batteries can cause fires and explosions if they get broken.

“Even if there was a direct hit, the vehicle would still catch fire because of the remaining heat,” the post said.

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The crews decided to dig a small hole and fill it with water to put out the fire in the Tesla.

“In the end, the pit cut the amount of water needed by about 4,500 gallons,” the post said.

When the Tesla caught fire in California, there were no reports of injuries, and the fire was put out completely.


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