March 31, 2023

December 2007: Minivans are the ultimate family vehicle. They should be efficient and safe, in transporting our most precious cargo.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducts well-publicized crash tests on new vehicles, allowing consumers to select vehicles based on scientific criteria. Minivans are highly scrutinized for safety, however, IIHS’ latest study identifies the cost to repair vehicles involved in low-speed fender benders.


In an effort to simulate real-world damage, six popular minivans crashed against barriers designed to mimic the bumpers of other vehicles. The subject minivans were crashed straight-on from the front and back, at a speed of 6 mph; and crashed on front and rear corners at 3 mph.


Repair cost was also calculated using real-world pricing for replacement parts and labor. The results of this study are particularly significant for minivans, which commonly suffer this type of damage.


Results indicate both good and poor results among each vehicle. However, the total damage sustained by Nissan Quest was the worst by far. On the other hand, differences were slight among the top four performing vehicles.


Many factors should be considered when choosing a new vehicle. However, if your driving style includes more than occasional love taps, you should probably concentrate on the best performing minivans in this study. Full results are listed below.


Bumper performance in low-speed crash tests:







Honda Odyssey






Dodge Grand Caravan






Toyota Sienna






Chevrolet Uplander






Kia Sedona






Nissan Quest






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