March 30, 2023

Driving Tips for Saving FuelDriving Tips for Saving Fuel and the Environment. Drivers can save fuel and money by knowing how different driving patterns affect fuel efficiency and implementing fuel-saving measures. The quantity of fuel your vehicle consumes is significantly influenced by how you drive. Read the material below to understand more about saving on fuel tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: 

Combine your errands and avoid driving during rush hourEngines are much less efficient while warming up and during stop-and-go driving.

  1. Take it Easy:

Avoid hard acceleration. Your engine works much harder, using more fuel and producing more emissions.

  1. Gimme a Brake:

Coast to a smooth stop instead of braking at the last minute. Hard braking produces more significant brake-dust pollution and shortens the life of your brake pads.

  1. Save it for Indy:

Driving 60 mph instead of 70 mph will increase your fuel economy by about 10%.

  1. Check your Pressure:

Under-inflated tires waste gas and increase tread wear. Check tire side-wall for recommended pressure.

  1. Lighten up:

Unnecessary loads make vehicles work harder. Save gas by unloading that box of books or those cases of bottled water from your trunk.

  1. Tune it up:

Well-maintained engines increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.

  1. Be Cool (not cold):

Moderate use of your air conditioner will increase your mileage. Make sure your system is recycling interior (cool) air, not constantly cooling outside (warm) air.

  1. Don’t be too Rich:

Most vehicles are designed to run on regular unleaded gasoline. Needlessly using premium can reduce your engine’s efficiency and performance. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended grade.

  1. Get rid of that Junker: 

Newer cars pollute much less due to progressively higher emissions standards.

  1. Give it a Rest: 

Newer engines don’t benefit from “warming up” before driving. Idling uses a richer fuel mixture and produces 0 miles per gallon.

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