Progressive Offers Auto Insurance for Pets

September, 2007: America’s third largest auto insurance provider, Progressive Corp. offers coverage of pets injured in automobile collisions. Previous pet insurance policies covered medical expenses, similar to health insurance for humans.

Benefits on traditional pet insurance policies vary widely by provider. Coverage for accidents may or may not be included. Progressive’s coverage is built into automobile collision policies, and can be claimed by any of their clients qualifying for collision benefits.

Progressive will pay up to $500 to help with veterinary bills and medicine for your (or your relative’s) cats and dogs injured, while riding with you in your vehicle, during a collision.

Pet injury coverage is part of Progressive’s standard collision policies, and it carries no extra fee. Drivers not owning pets cannot lower their premiums by opting out of the coverage. As an added bonus, Progressive customers may receive a 5% discount on traditional pet insurance through Embrace and Pets Best companies.

Progressive is the first company to offer pet injury coverage on automotive policies. If it proves successful, the others will surely follow. Pet owners should compare their current coverage with Progressive, and choose the best policy for their entire family.

Author’s Note: Coverage does not extend to damage caused while your pet is driving your car.


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