ACEEE Greenest and Meanest Vehicles 2008

February, 2008: Driving vehicles with low fuel consumption is great for our pocketbooks and helps reduce our society’s dependence on fossil fuels. However, better mileage doesn’t necessarily equate to better environmental impact.


For example, some diesel-powered vehicles have high mileage ratings, such as the Volkswagen Jetta TDI... Read More


Car Stars: Speed Racer

1964: Japanese anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida needed inspiration for a new manga (comic book) series. He looked to western movies, and admired the protagonist from a film entitled Viva Las Vegas. That’s right; Speed Racer was modeled after Elvis Presley, complete with neckerchief and black pompadour...

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Driving Tips for Saving Fuel and the Environment

Californians pay some of the highest gas prices in the country. Four dollars per gallon of regular gas will be common by autumn of 2008. Additionally, automobiles have been identified as a major source of environmental pollution. Unfortunately, few of us can give up our cars entirely for work or essential errands. Here then, are green tips for keeping more green in your wallet... Read More


Sorting Out Hybrid Vehicles 2008

With gasoline prices spiraling out of control, many consumers adjust their lifestyles, including what they drive. Most have heard that hybrid vehicles use less fuel and can save money, but many don’t realize that all hybrids are not created equal… Read More

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